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Class Descriptions

Zumba - Latin Inspired/World Rhythms.  Easy to follow..SIMPLE choreography, hot music, huge space to move!  Come dance your stress off!  A little hip hop, a little Cumbia, a little Cha- Cha - All levels welcome!

Cardio Kick - Cardio Kick is an intense 45 minute workout.  Perfect for the NON dancey person!  Jabs, Hooks, Upper Cuts, Cross Punch, Front Kick, Back Kick, Side Kick, Roundhouse.  - Woven together with Jacks, runs, partner work.  It's an amazing way to torch some calories! **guy friendly:)

C.U.T. **guy friendly

Grab 3 sets of d.bells and your mat!  Get ready for this full body workout. Traditional moves, with some fast paced and angled out approaches.  We try to hit each and every muscle and then some.  Finish up with some incredible ab work. BRING IT to this class.  Don't bring baby weights...REAL change comes with heavy weights!!

Yoga - Multilevel Vinyasa Flow - Bring your mats and feel free to bring your straps and blocks to help you get the most from this 45 minute practice.  All levels are welcome.  Cynthia adds hands on corrections and gives alternative movements.

CORE Fusion - This 45 minute class brings all the best elements of Pilates, Ballet & Yoga, Cynthia's dance background really shines through here.  Think of a standard barre class and then add weighted pilates balls and resistance bands that target each and every muscle group.

Step Circuit - This class is one you do NOT want to miss.  Bring 2 sets of weights and your step and come torch some calories.  This class is HIIT interval.  You will go from the Step to burpees, or from shoulder presses to 360s...Don't worry you'll get quickly!  Come try it once...You WILL be hooked!

Other classes that are added in seasonally

Cardio Kick - Classic Cardio Kick Box

CORE Circuit - HIIT Interval Station class

Cardio BLAST! Classic low impact yet HIGH intensity class